How It Works

Dog on welcome mat

You can check availability with DogStars by simply emailing or by mobile or messaging on fb. After understanding the specific needs of your dog/s, we will match you with a Carer and arrange for you to visit with your dog.

The Carer will seek further clarification of your dog/s’ needs and if both you and the Carer are happy to proceed we can go ahead with the booking.

To make the booking, your dog/s will need to be registered. We’ll want to know all about your dog/s particular needs, preferences and habits. Vaccination certificates will need to be verified and worming and flea treatment checks are also part of the registration process.

We can register your dog/s over the phone. Alternatively, you can complete an email registration form or you can pick one up from your prospective Carer for you to complete and return.

Once we have received all the information you can secure the booking by making a deposit. The remaining balance will be paid to the Carer when you drop your dog or dogs off at the start of their stay.

At a reduced price, you can arrange to have your dog/s stay over for a trial night to see how they get on. This is an optional precautionary measure for both you and your dogs so that when you do leave them you will already be happy in the knowledge that they enjoyed their stay with their Carer.


John Tyson

John is the creator of DogStars and loves all things dog! His own two, Poppy and Elsie are the Stars of his life and he knows what it’s like when you have to entrust your loved ones into the care of someone whilst you are away. When John’s not out walking his ‘girls’ he spends much of his time carefully selecting and then vetting potential carers. He takes Poppy and Elsie with him and trusts their judgement! If the Carer passes the Poppy and Elsie test, they’e in!

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Making sure your dog is happy

Don’t forget to pack all the things your dog will need such as food bowls, favourite toys and treats and, of course, leads and sufficient food for the duration of their stay.

Your Carer will understand if you feel anxious in the first few days away and will be happy to respond to your texts if you wish to check in and be reassured.