Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you will have a hundred and one questions both before and after booking your dog in with your DogStar Carer, and this is great. With each question we learn a little more about what makes owners happy, what causes concern and what can be done to make the entire DogStars experience an even more positive one in the future. But first things first, here are a handful of our most common customer queries.

1. Call DogStars or email to check availability.

2. We can arrange a home visit to register your dog/s and find out all about their needs, preferences and habits.

3. Or you can give us this information over the phone.

4. You will be shown profiles of Carers who match your requirements.

5. Once you have chosen your Carer we will arrange a sleepover so humans and pooches can meet.

6. Once you and your pooch are happy we will make the booking at which point you pay a deposit.

7. On the appointed day, you drop off your dog and pay the balance to the Carer.

8. During your time away your Carer will post updates via Whatsapp.

All Carers have to pass the dog lover test which is achieved by a personal visit to their home. If they don’t have a dog we take along ours and see how they are with them. If we wouldn’t trust them to look after our dogs we won’t trust them to look after yours.

1. Carers’ homes and garden security will be inspected by the local authority and licensed.

2. Carers will be fully insured.

3. Leads will be used at all times unless express permission is given not to.

We will have your vets contact details and also will ask for an emergency contact of a friend or family member so he or she can be on hand in the unlikely event of veterinary intervention. In any event whether it is with a friend, family member or the Carer your dog will be taken to either your vets or the Carers vet if it is judged necessary.

Yes, please ensure you provide enough dog food for the duration of your pooches stay. Also please bring bedding, favourite toys and treats.

Yes, we will need to see proof of vaccination, worm and flea protection. This can be verified at the initial registration or on the sleepover.

Yes, unless otherwise directed your dog(s) will be walked twice a day.

There will be no other dogs staying with the Carer other than her own. If you want exclusivity for your dog(s) we will match you with a Carer who can accommodate you.

Yes, of course. Feel free to text or call to allay any anxieties you may have. We will also post regular updates and pictures on Whatsapp.'