Benefits of DogStars

At DogStars we pride ourselves on providing high quality care for your dog at very competitive prices. We not only pay special attention to matching dogs with Carers we also have one of the most comprehensive vetting procedures around, ensuring that your dog gets the special and loving treatment that they deserve. Here are just some of the great benefits of boarding with DogStars.


What is the Poppy and Elsie Test? Each Carer will be visited personally by me with my girls: Poppy the Schnauzer and Elsie the Mini Doodle. They know a dog lover when they see one! And just to confirm two references will be required as well as the usual inspection from the local authority to ensure the home is a suitable and safe environment to board dogs.

Poppy and Elsie Test


Each Carer will be required to apply to the local authority for a home boarding licence. This will involve a home inspection by the inspector. A licence will only be granted if the home conforms to strict regulations governing the boarding of dogs in private homes.

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I love my dogs like I love my family and I expect you do too, otherwise you wouldn’t be considering DogStars to board your loved ones whilst you are away. As the proprietor of DogStars, I will only place your dogs with a Carer if I would happily place my girls there too. This means your dogs are going to be loved and treated as part of the host family and you can be rest assured they will be happy staying with my Carers who I have chosen on your behalf.


For your peace of mind every Carer is insured for public liability. It is, of course, in your own interest to have your dog insured against veterinary costs.